Life Form – by Amelie Nothomb

In just 125 pages, Nothomb addressed many different social issues in this partly autobiographical, partly epistolary novel: the gorging of food among US Army soldiers stationed in Iraq as a means to deal with the atrocities of the unjust war; the epistolary relationship between a writer and her fan readers and the art of writing letters; the relationship with food and one’s treatment of obesity as a work of art; the identity issue; and the shared reality which may or may not be true.

Life Form is a brilliantly clever novel blending facts and fiction together in a humorous and satirical tone.

Translated from the French by Alison Anderson.

I read this book in July 2019, but didn’t post it here because I think my mini review is ridiculously short. However I’m going to post the remaining of all the books I read last year on my blog. I want to have a record of the books I’ve read categorized by country on this blog. (I posted all these books on my Instagram account).

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