Love #5

The world vapored
All life burdens were thin air
All worries vanished
No more question
To live or not to live
Just you and me
In love


Somehow these verses came to my mind in Vietnamese at the same time, without translation of course. It had never occurred to me earlier, even though I wrote poems in Vietnamese before.
Here you go, the Vietnamese version…


Thế giới bốc hơi
Mọi lo toan giờ chỉ là những làn sương mỏng
Không vướng víu
Đời đáng sống hay không đáng sống
Chỉ có tình yêu
Anh và Em
Nhẹ nhàng như hơi thở

Tề My
Hè 2015


  1. Beautiful poem! Thank you for posting the Viatnamese translation, seeing both languages together/witnessing the origin language really enhances the reading experience for me 🙂


      1. I wish I could but, sadly, I cannot. I want to learn, thought. I always love seeing source languages and translations together. I think Vietnamese is a very beautiful language and I like looking at the words 🙂

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